Ok…. Sooo…. The world is changing at amazing rate on all levels of existence. Its getting pretty intense and sometimes exhausting. People are choosing to exit this life and move on to the next. People are just tired. Right now life is not easy. Its flat out difficult. The Energy that is coming into the planet and our solar system is enormous and it’s effecting our very DNA. Its changing the very sense of who we are as a species. Were in the midst of an evolutionary upgrade from homosapien to homoluminous. Meaning were going from carbon based beings to light based beings. Light has a much higher frequency. Therefore it brings about physical, emotional and Energetic anxiety and gives the illusion that time is speeding up. The current world of homosapien is fighting to survive. We see it in the economic, political, religious and all system oriented structures of the world.

The light that is coming in is making room for greater things and forcing out all the traumas, issues and experiences that we have defined us as individuals and as a whole. Its a purging process on a super grand scale. Were ALL having these growing pains.

My friends, my advise is to embrace what is happening. Learn to really look deep and do some serious self reflection. From here on out, it’s all about doing the inner work. There is no end or goal of “I’m finished”. Its constant work and evaluation of ourselves and taking responsibility for living in a divine Universe.

May you all find your way. May you all find your purpose. May you all find the courage and tenacity to live a life of service and gratitude toward your fellow luminous.